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Travis Fridgen

Travis D Fridgen Bio
I have been on faculty in the Chemistry department at Memorial since August, 2005 and am currently (as of Sept 1, 2015) Professor of Chemistry.
I did my Bachelor's Degree (1993) at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario where I got my first taste of research in Prof. J. Mark Parnis' lab studying the reactions of O(1D) atoms with small organic and inorganic molecules in argon matrices.
My Ph.D (1999) was obtained from the Chemistry Department at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. My thesis was entitled "FT-Infrared Spectroscopic and Computational Studies of the Matrix-Isolated Products Formed Following Gas-Phase Electron Bombardment of Rare-Gas/Organic Molecule Mixtures." Supervisor: Prof. J. M. Parnis. I also did a Bachelor of Education Degree (1994) at Queen's.
My Postdoctoral studies (1999-2003) were done in the Chemistry Department at the University of Waterloo with Prof. Terry B. McMahon. I am currently Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo.
Prior to arriving at Memorial I was Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Wilfrid Laurier University.