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Francesca Kerton

Francesca Kerton
Office: C4007
Phone: 709-864-8089
Email (
Post: Department of Chemistry
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1B 3X7 CANADA

Dr. Kerton's office C4007 is on the same floor and corridor as the main chemistry department office, C4000.

Our research focuses on green chemistry, encompassing three main themes:

1. Catalysis (including organometallic chemistry)

2. Solvent replacement (including supercritical fluids)

3. Renewable feedstocks

Much of our research encompasses aspects of Materials Science including nanoparticles, biorenewable materials and polymer chemistry.

A list of recent publications can be found here

For more details please see the group's blog/webpage, or contact Fran Kerton directly

Undergraduates interested in pursuing research during the semester or during the summer should contact Fran by e-mail and see the Chem 490 outline for a brief intro.

Some PhD studentships will be available from Dr. Kerton's research funds, you are strongly encouraged to contact Fran Kerton for more information.

No Postdoctoral positions are available at this time. Prospective postdoctoral research assistants are encouraged to apply for their own funding. Dr. Kerton is willing to provide research space and facilities in her group