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Erika Merschrod

Erika F. Merschrod S. -- Teaching


Current course(s):

Fall 2017: Chemistry 3210 -- Main Group and Materials Chemistry

Upcoming course(s):

Winter 2018: Chemistry 4201/6201 -- Bioinorganic Chemistry

Past courses:

Chemistry 1011 -- Introductory Chemistry II

Chemistry 1050 -- Introductory course for students with a strong background in pre-university chemistry. An introduction to gases, thermochemistry, atomic and molecular structure, liquids and solids, solutions.

Chemistry module for University 1020 (was 2020) -- Problem solving strategies course for participants in the First Year Success program.

Chemistry 2210 -- Chemistry of selected s, p, and d block elements. Introduction to crystal and molecular structures and to molecular orbital and crystal field theories.

Chemistry 3210 -- Main Group and Materials Chemistry

Chemistry 4201/6201 -- Bioinorganic chemistry

Chemistry 6340 -- Biophysical Chemistry.

Chemistry 6370 -- Nanoscale phenomena.

Chemistry 6381 -- Surface and Interface Science.

Teaching also occurs outside of the classroom! See my Research and Student pages to learn more.

Community Outreach

Discovery Day in the Health Sciences
Shad Valley -- workshops in Biomaterials and Nanoscience
WISE summer employment program -- Mentor/supervisor
Career Pathways Co-op Education Program -- Mentor/supervisor
Aventis Biotech Challenge -- Mentor/supervisor, judge
MedQuest -- chemistry demonstrations
Quirks&Quarks (radio show) -- Why are things sticky?
              Why do fresh ice cubes make soda fizz more?

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