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Erika Merschrod


Openings available:

Summer 2018: undergraduate students, biomaterials or optoelectronic materials. No prior materials science experience required; just an interest in learning and a background in physics, chemistry or biology/biochemistry.

Fall 2018: undergraduate honours students, biomaterials or optoelectronic materials.

Fall 2019: MSc and PhD students, biomaterials. Mechanical characterization and spectroscopy of biomaterials.

The following people carry out research in my group, applying their classroom knowledge to real-world problems. Research is an essential and integral part of the university's mission, providing a venue for experiential learning and bringing us ever closer to tomorrow's scientific breakthroughs. Make research a part of your educational experience!

Merschrod research group

Current group members:

Abhijit Chatterjee
Zhe Dong
David Gale (Joint with M. Larijani, Medicine)
Stephanie Gallant
Garrett McDougall
Sepideh Mehrani (Joint with Y. Zhao)
Tiber Reardon
Silvana Rodrigues Pereira
Shaykat Saha (Joint with R. Tabrizchi, Medicine)
Lucas Stewart
Liam Whelan

Some former group members:

Former post-docs

Dr. Najla Ben Ameur (now Asst. Prof. at CERTE)
Dr. Geert Van Biesen (PDF joint with Bottaro Group; now Research Associate at TERRA)
Dr. Jiaqi Cheng (now researcher at Avalon Holographics
Dr. Maryam Etezad (now Lecturer at U Vermont)
Dr. Dmytro Grebennikov (now Senior Scientist at ASML)
Dr. Csaba Szakacs (PDF joint with Poduska group; now Analyst at KABS)

MSc and PhD graduates

Asia Alhasawi
Shaheen Fatima (now PDF with Retrevium)
Muhammad Jehangir (Computational Science, now Manager of Information Management Systems Development, Alberta Health Service)
Ramesh Kumar (Joint with Prof. K. Poduska, now Research Scientist at Avalon Holographics)
Behrang Moazzez (Analyst, KABS)
M. Majibur Rahman (MSc environmental science, now PhD student at U Western Ontario)
Munmun Sarkar
Alina Stetco (R&D Analyst, KABS)
Lucas Stewart (now Vice President Operations, Spectroleum Labs, Inc.)
Ming Sun (now at University of Arizona)
Liam Whelan (now Research Associate, MUN)
Ant Muyi Xu (MSc Scientific Computing)
Sandy Chuan Xu (now Research Scientist at Green Innovative Technologies Ltd.)
Benjamin Zagiel (MSc exchange student, Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Undergraduates, WISE students, coop students

André Brown (Group leader, Behavioural Genomics, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London
Ashley N. Bungay (now MSc student in Aquaculture at the Marine Institute)
Megan Burke (now in medical school)
David Cascione (ISIP student, now Analyst at Springhill Consulting Group)
Peter Collins (now a medical resident at MUN)
Ashley Dobbin (WISE student)
Adam Drover
Nathan Frenette
Brandon J. Furlong (now graduate student at MUN)
Marie George (currently at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)
Kristian Green
Ariel Hannaford (WISE student)
John Harrington
Alyssa Hewitt (now in pharmacy)
Nadine Hewitt (now in medical school)
Steph Huelin (Joint with Poduska group; now at Defence Research and Development Canada)
Leif Hickey (now at the Marine Institute, MUN)
Aynsley Hughes
Adam Jenkins
Jordon Keats (now in Engineering)
Erica Lester (biochem honours)
Lawson Miller (honours jointly supervised by Dr. Céline Schneider; now in medical school)
Perry Mitchell (now in grad school at U of T)
Heidi Morris (now PhD student in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Harvard University)
Andy Morrow (physics honours, joint with Prof. A. Yethiraj)
Stacey O'Brien (WISE student and ugrad researcher)
Maggie O'Toole (WISE student)
Philip Oakley (high-school co-op student; summer researcher; now Technical Analyst at The Delphi Group)
Silvana Rodrigues Pereira (SwB student)
Taylor Petten (WISE student)
Matthew Power (Gonzaga High School co-op student, now at MUN)
Michelle Pratt (USRA student, now in medical school)
Christina N. Price (USRA student, now in medical school)
Jonathan Price (Gonzaga High School, STEP student)
Ankur Ralhan (Gonzaga High School co-op student, now in med school)
Victoria Rose (WISE and MUCEP student)
Sarah Schwartz (WISE student, now physiotherapist at Toronto Grace Health Centre)
Hitesh Sharma (Engineering Co-op)
Jordan Snow
Melanie Snow (now a graduate student at U Toronto)
Katie Soper (now in medical school at MUN)
William Stokes (resident, internal medicine, Calgary)
Ning Su (PhD student at U of Toronto, now in med school)
Robin Whiffen (WISE student, now in Music at U Toronto)
Karla White (WISE student, now in Earth Sciences)
Catherine Woodford (physics, OISRA; now grad student at U Toronto)

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