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Erika Merschrod

Erika F. Merschrod S. -- Research


Research tools

We have several key materials preparation and characterization tools in our labs which are used by collaborators and others at the university and elsewhere. For instruments which are "co-owned", the other PI(s) are listed in parentheses.
  • Atomic force microscope - Asylum Research MFP-3D (with K. Poduska)
  • Raman microscopes - Renishaw InVia, 830 nm excitation (with K. Hawboldt, C. Bottaro) and 640 nm excitation
  • Optical microscopes - Leica and Olympus, fluorescence and PLM
  • Coming soon: Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy system! (NT-MDT AFM and Renishaw InVia Raman)
  • Micro-PIV - TSI (with Y. Muzychka, C. Bottaro)
  • Reactive ion etcher - Plasma Etch PE-100 (with A. Yethiraj, K. Poduska)
  • Maskless patterning system (photolithography) - IMP (with Y. Muzychka, C. Bottaro)
  • and other small laboratory equipment (UV-Vis spectrometer, spin coaters, centrifuges, etc)

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