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Erika Merschrod

Erika F. Merschrod S. -- Research


Sensors and optoelectronic materials

See for more information on our sensors for detecting oil in produced water.

Other efforts include sensors for drinking water quality (funded by HRBP and the Harris Centre) and for detecting oil under ice.

New Micro/nanofabrication methodology

Direct printing of 3D constructs

Enhanced adhesion and mechanical robustness of metal-dielectric multilayers

Effects of confinement and reduced dimensionality

Ultra-thin film molecularly imprinted polymers: formation and performance. (Modeling in collaboration with Prof. S. Srebnik, Technion.)

Packing effects in NLO properties of organic thin films: computational and experimental studies in collaboration with Prof. Y. Zhao (MUN Chemistry).

Optoelectronic materials

Substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)

Computational design of non-linear optical materials

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