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Chemistry 4201

Coordination Chemistry in Biological Molecules. Prerequisite: Chem 3211

Wed/Fri 8:35-9:50, C2026

Are you planning to take Chem 6201 in Winter 2012?

If you wish to take Chem 6201 (the graduate course associated with Chem 4201) this winter, please let me know (). The graduate course is of course different than the undergraduate course, both in terms of expected workload and in the level of material; for example, you will be expected to make several presentations throughout the term and contribute several short literature reviews. With advance notice, we can work together to incorporate topics of interest to you in your curriculum!


There are several suggested textbooks for this course; they all follow a similar sequence, which we will approximately follow as well. I would recommend that you take a look at them and see which one suits your background and interests. (Two are available in the library.)

Because there are several recommended texts, we cannot have them all in stock in the university bookstore. However, they can be ordered through your favourite bookstore. (If you know of local, independent bookstores that might provide options, please !)

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Survey. Ei-Ichiro Ochiai. ISBN: 978-0-12-088756-9.
  • Biological Inorganic Chemistry: An Introduction. Robert Crichton. ISBN: 978-0-444-52740-0. Call number: QP 531 C75 2008
  • Bioinorganic chemistry : a short course. Rosette M. Roat-Malone. ISBN: 9780471761136. Call number: QP 531 R63 2007. Also available online!

We will also rely extensively on the primary literature and review articles, with links provided to salient journal articles through the course D2L site.

Course requirements and assessment scheme:

In addition to normal participation in class, all students will be required to make short, presentations of articles from the literature. Each presentation will be accompanied by a short written summary and one or two test questions. More instruction on presentations and associated materials will be provided in class.
Chem 4201Oral presentations15%
Written summaries15%
Chem 6201Oral presentations20%
Written summaries20%
Take-home Midterm15%
Take-home Final30%

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