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Chemistry 4152

CLICK HERE FOR 4152 Information Sheet

CLICK HERE FOR 6152 Information Sheet

All 2015 Course Material is on D2L

OFFICE HOURS: 1-2 pm Mondays and 11:50 am to 12:50 pm Thursdays

MID-TERM EXAM FOR 4152 and 6152: 10:30 am, Tuesday 10 Feb in C4011

FINAL EXAM FOR 4152 and 6152: TBA

Course Outline

1. Ion-selective electrodes and sensors.

2. The principles and theory of dynamic electrochemistry.

3. Pulse, square-wave, and ac voltammetry.

4. Anodic and cathodic stripping analysis.

5. Advanced electrode materials and electrode/cell designs.

6. Electrochemical Sensors.

7. Electrochemical detectors for Liquid Chromatography and Flow Injection Analysis.