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Chemistry 3410lab


Posted on Oct. 18, 2013


The next (final!) 3410 lab submission of the remaining 8 lab reports - [enamine, 2-acetylcyclohexanone], [maleanilic acid, N-phenylmaleimide], [1-H-benzimidazole,] Oxidative Coupling, trans-cinnamic acid and benzoin condensation is due at the end (that means by 5:00 PM - no later) of the week 12 lab period:

Wednesday   Nov. 27  
Thursday   Nov. 28  
Monday   Dec. 02  

You are to submit the 8 reports (3 submission sheets per lab) along with the crude and any recrystallized or otherwise purified samples for each step. If you do not have any crude, or God forbid, any purified sample remaining, you can submit the sample you used for your TLC, just let the solvent evaporate from the small vial, code it and submit it. No sample, no product quality mark....

There are 4 sets of spectra for these experiments, [enamine, 2-acetylcyclohexanone], [maleanilic acid, N-phenylmaleimide], 1-H-benzimidazole, and trans-cinnamic acid. Remember, the "common" spectra (e.g. IR and NMR of a compound or D2O shake and regular NMR) are labeled as "A" or "B", etc. For D2O shake spectra, indicate what has disappeared, where it disappeared from, what is new. For regular NMR spectra, give assignments, list splitting patterns, integrations and remember to assign groupings of aromatic hydrogens (e.g. integrations of 2 to 3 for a monosubstituted ring, the 2 lower are due to...and the three higher field are due to....etc.).

The lab note books are also to be submitted at the end of the final period (to get that 20/20...right?......rrrrrriiiiight....) for the fourth correction.


There will not be any EXTENSIONS given to the above deadlines......see board (there will be a written note on deadlines put up in week 10) in lab for details......

Do not wait for the night before to start this requires time to be done other words if you want marks, put in the time and it may happen.....then again, if you try really hard you can manage to get a low mark.....