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Chemistry 3410lab


Posted on Sept. 25, 2012


The second 3410 lab submission (recrystallization, prep. for column and column chromatography) is due at the end of the lab 5 period:

Wednesday   Oct. 02  
Thursday   Oct. 03  
Monday   Oct. 07  

You are to submit the 7 submission sheets along with the recrystallized mixture (and any remaining original mixture), the dye samples (capped vials approximately half full of acetone so the colours can be seen) and the dry mixture components form the column (transferred into open sample vials). There are no spectra sets for this experiment.


pg 1 - For the recrystallization procedure, list the steps (these should come from your lab notes), etc. as indicated.

pg 3 & 4 - By the plates, give a brief comment on purity and general solvent comment. In the comments section, you can elaborate on the results and conclusions for each solvent.

pg 5 - Outline the steps of building and running the columns (again, extracted from the note book). For the column results, list the codes and other data for both columns.

pg 7 - In the comments section, comment on the results of each column (good, bad, etc.) and for the mixture column any calculations based on the masses (there are two calculations!).