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Chemistry 3410

Vital information for Fall 2016

Text: Bruice "Organic Chemistry, 7th Ed."

The course will cover Chapters 21, 22, 24 and 26 from the Bruice text and a portion of Chapter 25 (excluding sections 25.5 to 25.14) from the Bruice text. Topics that are not included in the Bruice text are also covered, these are: Lipids, Polyketides and Shikimic acid derivatives. Additional course materials will be provided as handouts.

For the laboratory, the 'Chemistry 3410 Laboratory Outline, Fall 2016' and a blue, hard-cover laboratory notebook are required.


Two class tests (75 min. each): 25%

Assignment: 5%

Laboratory: 25%

Final examination (3 hours): 45%

The tests will be held on October 6 and November 10, 2016. Make-up tests will not be offered.

Laboratory attendance is mandatory, and marks will be deducted for absence and for missing/late laboratory materials. The details of the mark allocation for the laboratory component will be provided by Mr. Cliff McCarthy ( The laboratory will provide a rigorous training in the techniques of research in organic chemistry.