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Chemistry 3303

CHEM 3303 - Statistical Thermodynamics and Rate Theories examines physical chemistry from the microscopic viewpoint. Topics include probability distributions, quantum statistical mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, ensembles, kinetics and introduction to statistical rate theories as well as an introduction to computational chemistry (lab).

Instructor: Christopher N. Rowley ()

Lab Instructor: Nicholas Ryan ()

Text: Physical Chemistry, 3rd Edition, by Thomas Engel and Philip Reid

Lectures: 3 hours per week: MWF 11:00-11:50 pm in C2004

Labs: A few laboratory sessions throughout the semester

Prerequisites: CHEM 2301 and CHEM 2302 (or the former CHEM 2300 and CHEM 3301)
                            MATH 2000 and MATH 2050

Lecture Room: C2004

Course Website: Login to D2L