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Chemistry 3210

Main Group and Materials Chemistry.
Prerequisite: Chem 2210

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"Shriver & Atkins' Inorganic Chemistry" by Atkins et al

Other useful texts:
"Properties of Materials" by M. A. White (on reserve and electronic)
"Chemical Applications of Group Theory" by F. A. Cotton (on reserve)
"Solids and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures" by R. Hoffmann (on reserve)
"An introduction to molecular orbitals" by Y. Jean (on reserve)


This class includes a weekly laboratory session (Tues afternoons). Lab handouts are provided at You will need several bound lab notebooks such as the inexpensive and convenient Hilroy stapled booklets.

Laboratory attendance is mandatory, and laboratory material is testable. You must pass the lab in order to pass the course.

Assessment scheme:

Midterm10%Monday Oct 19

Information about the paper/presentation is provided at

There are no make-up tests or supplementary exams. Given a valid and properly documented excuse, the value of a missed test will be added to that of the final exam.

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