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Chemistry 2400lab


Posted on July 15, 2014.

Welcome to the CHEMISTRY 2400 LABORATORY NOTICES site.

If there are any changes made to course offerings it will be posted here as soon as possible.


NOTE: There are presently 5 lab sections available, slot 61, Monday afternoon, slot 42, Tuesday morning, slot 62, Tuesday afternoon, slot 63, Wednesday afternoon and slot 44, Thursday morning. The labs are limited by the number of benches available and cannot be opened above the listed number of places (presently 20).

NOTE: If you are not able to register for the available sections you should contact Dr. Pickup (Department head, e-mail, phone or office), Anne Sheppard ( or Cliff McCarthy (e-mail, phone or office) as soon as you can. Keep in mind....If you can rearrange your schedule to fit an open section do it as we might not be able to help otherwise. If you are having problems, DO NOT wait until the start of semester to straighten out any problems, start solving as soon as possible, because if all the spaces are filled, there are no more....

NOTE FOR LAB WAIVERS: If you qualify for a lab waiver (having greater than 70% in the 2400 labs from last year, fall 2013) there is a form available via the departmental web site under the UNDERGRADUATE E-FORMS link. You should make this submission as soon as possible. We can enable you to register for section 006 (otherwise blocked to registrants) through the registration system. If you qualify for a waiver and are presently registered in one of the lab sections, contact the department as soon as possible so you can free up a lab space. If you do qualify for a waiver (as determined by us) there will be no problem registering for a space in section 006 as it is the lab component that will be space limited. If you contact the department for waiver approval, it might take a couple of days to get you enabled for section 006, but as long as we know about your request there should be no problems.

Generally, you should register for one of the sections that fits your present timetable. If you cannot get into the section you "need", try to rearrange your schedule to enable you to register for one of the other sections! DO NOT register in a section in which you have an insurmountable clash, you will have to rearrange your present schedule to fit the open spaces.

If you are trying to register in a full section you will have to keep checking the registration system to see if any spaces become available by other students dropping and making space available. Check the registration system as often as possible for open spaces as they disappear rapidly. We cannot fit you in a section that is full, the space has to be available on the registration system. If spaces are not available, you will not be able to register, therefore it is to your advantage to juggle your schedule so you can register in one of the available spaces.


The labs start in the first week of classes with the Thursday morning, September 4, SLOT 44 lab and it is very important that you attend your first lab session. "I didn't know" is not an excuse for missing the first lab and will result in a mark of "0" for that lab.

Lab experiments will be available On D2L shortly before semester starts and they contain all the information you will need for your first lab.

The labs are held in C-4031. Seating assignments will be posted outside the lab door about 30 minutes before your first lab is to begin.