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Chemistry 2400

course Fall Semester 2016

All students in chemistry courses are required to complete WHMIS/Laboratory Safety Training.

Course Description

This course covers the basic and fundamental principles of organic chemistry, which allow the student to understand the language of organic chemists. The topics to be discussed during the lectures include chapters 1-12 in the textbook.


Mon, Wed, and Fri 11:00  11:50 am



Instructor and Office Hours

Prof. Yuming Zhao (; Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 to 12:30 am, C4020

Weekly Tutorials



Organic Chemistry, by Paula Y. Bruice, 8th Ed.


Two 50 minute quizzes will take place during class approximately on 11th Oct. and 14th Nov. A mark of zero will be assigned for a missed quiz, unless an acceptable, documented excuse is provided in advance of the quiz or as soon as possible afterwards. In this case, the quiz will be excused and the value of the final examination will be increased accordingly.

Mark Breakdown

Lab    20%

Two quizzes    30%  (5% the lower + 25% the higher)

Final exam    50%