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Chemistry 2210

Chemistry 2210

Introductory Inorganic Chemistry

***IMPORTANT***Fall 2016. We are using Sapling Homework Online. You can buy the code from the bookstore alone or with the e-book or with the text book. Also, 1st labs are Sept 12th and 15th

Announcements: Will be provided on D2L and also please read your mun e-mail account. Visit the D2L site ( as soon as possible. The bookstore has the required text (Shriver & Atkins, 6th Ed), e-mail: or (709) 864-7440

Deadlines: Are available in the course outline that can be accessed via D2L. The 1st assignment is due quite early on in the semester so you should start work on it as soon as possible.

Experiments will be provided on D2L. All students will do experiment 4 in their first lab slot.

Review tutorial/workshops: Will be listed on D2L.

There is NO lab manual for this course. Experiments are available on D2L.