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Chemistry 1010

Intersession 2015

Course instructors:
Slot - Office: C2057 Phone: 864-6939
Lab instructors:
Office: C4009 Phone: 864-8909
Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099
Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099
Tutorial instructors:
Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099

Final exam

The final exam for this course will be held Monday June 22nd from 9:00 am to 11:30 am in C4002

Course information sheet

The course information sheet is available here.

Mastering Chemistry for Intersession 2015

The Mastering Chemistry course ID is warburton15073 for this course. Those looking for more detail on getting setup in Mastering Chemistry can refer to this step-by-step guide.

Prerequisites None
Semesters Offered Fall, Winter & Intersession
Textbook Tro, Fridgen and Shaw Chemistry: A Molecular Approach Canadian Edition Pearson. 2014.
Evaluation Tutorials - 14%
Class Tests (2) - 16%
Laboratory - 15%
Final Examination - 55%
Class Test Dates Friday May 29th at 12 noon
Friday June 12th at 12 noon