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Chemistry 1010

Intersession 2014

Course instructors:
Slot - Office: C4012 Phone: 864-7689
Lab instructors:
Slot - Office: C4009 Phone: 864-8909
Slot - Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099
Tutorial instructors:
Slot - Office: C4001 Phone: 864-8743

STUDENT ID CARDS: You must display your student id cards during final exams. It's mandatory.

WHMIS/Laboratory Safety Training

All students in chemistry courses are required to complete WHMIS/Laboratory Safety Training.


Departmental policy about calculators

A scientific calculator is essential in laboratories, class tests, and examinations. Programmable (ie. Graphing) calculators and calculators with "built in" libraries are NOT permitted in class tests and final exams. If you are unsure as to whether or not a particular calculator is permissible, check with your instructor BEFORE YOUR TEST.

This policy is being strictly enforced on the class tests and on the final exam.

Fall, Winter and Intersession
Chemistry, A Molecular Approach by  Tro, Fridgen, and Shaw, 1st Canadian Edition