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Intersession 2015

Chemistry 1010 and 1011 labs begin on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Chemistry 1031 labs begin on Tuesday May 19, 2015. Students are expected to have obtained a laboratory manual, lab coat and safety glasses for their first laboratory, as well as having completed SAFETY 1000. Read the regulations in the introduction to the laboratory manual. Note that the Chemistry 1010, 1011, and 1031 lab manuals are available on D2L

Fall Registration 2015:

Important notice for students regarding Chemistry 1031 for the Fall 2015 semester.

Chemistry 1031 will no longer be offered. Students who have successfully completed chemistry 1010 and chemistry 1011 and would normally have taken chemistry 1031 will be allowed to take chemistry 1051. They must apply for the prerequisite waiver using the form on the chemistry department webpage ( Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Chris Flinn, Deputy Head, Undergraduate Studies, for Chemistry Department (

First year lab schedule

Check for changes in the lab schedule on the bulletin board outside C4009 or click Spring 2015 Lab Schedule.


Welcome to new and returning students. First and second year students with problems should see Dr. Flinn, Deputy Head Undergraduate Studies (C4014), or Dr. Pickup (C4000D). Higher level students should see Dr. Pickup, Head, or their faculty advisor if they are Chemistry Majors.

Lab Waiver Deadline for Intersession/Spring 2015

Applications for lab waivers (online form) will not be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15, 2015. Students granted a waiver must register for the lecture-only section of the course.

Students granted a lab waiver must still complete the course tutorial if there is one.

WHMIS/Laboratory Safety Training

Provincial Health and Safety legislation requires that Memorial ensure the health and safety of its employees and students. All students enrolled in chemistry courses will be exposed to chemicals and therefore are required to complete WHMIS/Laboratory Safety Training using the Desire2Learn system at DELTS ( Students who successfully complete the training must print the certificate showing that the program was successfully completed and must show it to their laboratory instructor at their first laboratory session of all of their chemistry courses.

In order to have access to the online course, students must first register for SFTY 1000, CRN 57267 (or CRN 87414 in Intersession), through Memorial Self-Service. No tuition is charged for this course. Students can then log into Desire2Learn with their login ID and access the courses; access will be available within 24 hours of completion of the registration. Students must provide verification that they have successfully completed the WHMIS and Laboratory safety courses to their lab instructor or supervisor prior to the start of laboratory classes.

Get more information at our WHMIS online course information page

Chemistry 1050 Prerequisite Requirements

PR: at least 75% in high school CHEM 3202 and successful completion of high school Advanced Mathematics 3205 and Mathematics 1000 which may be taken concurrently with CHEM 1050.

Chemistry 1051 Prerequisite Requirements
PR: CHEM 1050 and Mathematics 1000

Departmental policy for canceled term tests and labs:

Term tests/labs canceled for reasons such as the closure of the university due to a snow storm or a fire alarm going off are automatically scheduled for the next lecture/lab period of the course.