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Research highlights

Since the arrival of Drs. Kerton and Kozak at Memorial University in September 2005, Green Chemistry has taken off and grown from being the focus of two researchers to over eleven in just three years. So what is Green Chemistry? Another name for it is Sustainable Chemistry and it is all about preventing environmental pollution from occurring by developing new, innovative chemicals and chemistry. A special article on Green Chemistry at MUN was published in the Gazette. (

Erika Merschrod's group is developing new types of protein scaffolds for use in cell culture and tissue engineering. This exciting work involves contributions from undergraduate and graduate students working with a range of cutting-edge biomaterials research techniques.

A major issue in creating a successful tissue scaffold is being able to optimize the structure across length scales. A recent paper from the Merschrod group in the journal Langmuir (DOI: 10.1021/la703292h) presents a new approach to templating materials with control from the nanoscale to the macroscale.