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Seminars (Spring 2017) are at 1:00 - 1:50 p.m. on Tues or Thurs in room C2004 (Chemistry/Physics Building) unless otherwise indicated.

Please contact (C4000, 864-8746) for a seminar date. Dates late in the semester have a habit of filling early. I remind you that attendance at seminars is compulsory for Graduate Students.

Seminars and Microsoft Outlook

Do you use Microsoft Outlook for your personal calendar? If so, you can have seminars automatically import into Outlook. In your Outlook Calendar, right click "My Calendars" and "Add Calendar" ... "From Internet". When asked for the calendar location, type in webcal://

You can also click the link webcal:// and the calendar should automatically add to Outlook if it is your default calendar program.

Seminar Listing

Whole semester listing

Date /Time RoomSpeaker
Thu, November 9, 1:00 pmA1043Erika Butler (C6001 Seminar)
Tue, November 21, 1:00 pmA1043Dr. Mita Dasog
(Chemistry Department, Dalhousie University)
Tue, November 28, 1:00 pmA1043Dr. Dawn R. D. Bignell
(Department of Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Tue, December 5, 1:00 pmA1043Dr. Simon Trudel
(Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary)

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