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Request for a Laboratory Waiver for Winter 2018

Note: You are not required to repeat the laboratory portion of a course if you completed it within the most recent six semesters and received a mark of 65% or better with no unexcused absences. Click the SUBMIT button to email the form. Click the CLEAR button to clear the form. You may print and bring or mail the form to the Chemistry Department (C-4000) if you wish.

Please fill in all fields marked with a *.

Note: The University's "Single Email Policy" states that your official MUN email address should be used for communication in "official university matters". Therefore, this form requires the use of your MUN email address. Use of any other email address may lead to your waiver request being redirected by our spam filters. In that event, we cannot guarantee that your waiver application will be processed.

Waivers are only valid for the term in which they are given. Applying now suggests that you are seeking a waiver for the upcoming term or the term just beginning.

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