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The following web forms are available:

FormWhat is it for?
LABORATORY WAIVERUse this to request the waiver of the laboratory portion of a course that you are repeating.
PREREQUISITE OR COREQUISITE WAIVERUse this to request the waiver of the prerequisite or corequisite required for registration in a course.
MUCEP TIME SHEETUse this to submit your MUCEP time sheet.
DEFERRED FINAL EXAMUse this to request a deferred final examination. Documentation may be required.
UNDERGRADUATE DEMONSTRATORUse this to apply for an undergraduate demonstrator position.
LABORATORY ABSENCEUse this to request an excused absence from a first year chemistry lab. Documentation may be required.
HELPUse this to ask for help or ask a question about registration that is not covered by the above item.