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Future graduate students

Considering an application for an NSERC CGS-M scholarship?

Additional information for future graduate students and CGS-M scholarships can also be found on our Graduate Recruiting page. The application deadline for CGS-M scholarships is December 2nd.

Additional information

The graduate brochure outlines the M.Sc. and PhD programs offered in chemistry, the research activities of individual faculty members, and some of the major facilities and equipment available in the department.

Interdisciplinary thesis research in marine chemistry, geochemistry and medicinal chemistry is provided through faculty with cross-appointments to the Centre for Earth Resources Research, the Ocean Sciences Centre. Interdisciplinary Masters degrees in Environmental Science and Computational Science can also be taken through the Department of Chemistry.

testtubes The Department's research is greatly strengthened by the non-academic staff who operate the NMR and  mass-spectrometry facilities, and laboratory instructors and instructional assistants who assume both research and support responsibilities on a part-time basis. Facilities for technical, computing and analytical support are excellent. The Chemistry-Physics Building houses large and well-equipped machine, glassblowing, and electronics shops and the physical sciences stores. Access to the electron microprobe facility and state-of-the-art facilities for geochemical and water analysis are provided by a link to the Centre for Earth Resources Research.

As a department, we are strongly committed to innovation and improvement in our undergraduate and graduate programs. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the University have undergone a remarkable transformation over the past two decades, with the discovery of oil and world-scale nickel deposits and the construction of Canada's first offshore oil megaproject. The level of research funding and graduate student enrolment in chemistry has grown steadily during this period.

We hope this brochure conveys the excitement and pride in our programs that are characteristic of our department. We encourage prospective students, and others with an interest in our research, to contact individual faculty members directly, and to visit the department.